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The Archeological area @ Italian Village Vacation

Guests Impressions

"My husband and I began our honeymoon by staying 5 nights at Casa Verde in Castel Cellesi. We loved the whole experience. The house was perfect for our needs with full kitchen, including cooking utensils, 2 bathrooms ans a bedroom with a beautiful view of the valley. Eddie was very friendly, helpful, informative and accessible. He gave us a map and a full explanation of all the nearby sights worth visiting. With our rental car, we visited Viterbo, Orvieto, La Civita, Bolsena and montefiascone. All towns were unique and interesting. The food and wine were incredible. We would highly recommend Castel Cellesi to anyone looking for a relaxing experience that is a little bit off the beaten path."
Sami B, England - Stayed May 2013, travelled as a couple

"In Castel Cellesi I had one of my most beautiful and relaxing vacations. Peace and quiet, beautiful surrounds and great accommodation, really made it."
Julie Robinson, London England

"Thank you for your hospitality and for fulfilling every and all of our wishes. I and my family really enjoyed our vacation. See you next year same date."
Patricia Millar, Cleveland (USA)

"For elderly people like me and my husband this is like a real little paradise. We warmly recommend anyone to come and stay."
Mary McCaib, Toronto (Canada)

"A vacation in Castel Cellesi is an unforgettable experience! I couldn’t get over the friendly locals, and of course the food... Wonderful. Thank you so much."
David Wyse, Sevenoaks England

"Coming from Finland one of the most important considerations for me was good weather and comfortable accommodation. I found this and more in Castel Cellesi. To my surprise I found Finnish spoken in the village! Well done."
Jorma Jyrkilä, Finland

The Archeological area

Etruscan tombOne day trip to Archeological area (South of Viterbo):

Just a few kilometers south of Viterbo you find a great concentration of Etruscan necropolis such as:

Castel d'Asso - It was the first etruscan rocky necropolis to be discovered. The tombs are excavated in the rock one on top of the other in two or even three levels. Most of them are in cubic form on a simple façade, other show a more elaborated front with façade, under façade and the actual burial chamber.


Norchia - The most spectacular rocky necropolis in Tuscia and in the whole of Italy! An incredible number of tombs are dug out in the rock, either cubed or not, with beautiful decorations, mouldings, fake doors, porches.

Archeological areaFollowing the Via Cassia (SS 2) you get to Vetralla. In the vicinity there are more interesting Necropolis like Grotta Porcina, Barbarano Romano (archeological sites of San Giuliano and Valle Cappellana) and finally the famous Blera.
The urban part of the archeological area is only a deserted field, today, with evidences of oval shaped huts dating back from Bronze and Iron Age. Remains of many Etruscan homes are also visible, examples of the most ancient Italic and Etruscan domestic architecture (VI cent. B.C.).

Also the remains of city walls are on existance as well as the pillars of a bridge, one of the oldest in Italy, with tuff (tufo = volcanic rock) blocks and panel flooring. Surrounding the urban centre numerous hole graves, mound tombs and chamber tombs (VIII - III cent. b.C.)

Other Etruscan Archeological Areas in the Province of Viterbo:
  • Bolsena
  • Civita Castellana
  • Fabrica di Roma (Faleri Novi)
  • Grotte di Castro
  • Ischia di Castro
  • Vulci (Montalto di Castro)
  • Nepi
  • Sutri